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Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed Funds are derived from intangible personal property that the state holds for the rightful owner after it has been unclaimed over a period of time. The following are just a few sources of unclaimed funds:

  • Uncashed Checks
  • Undelivered Stock Shares and Uncashed Dividend Checks
  • Uncashed Insurance Benefits
  • Forgotten Rent and Utility Deposits
  • Intangible Safe Deposit Box Contents

How can I view the most recent State of Ohio Unclaimed Funds List?

The unclaimed funds list can be viewed on the State of Ohio website - State of Ohio Unclaimed Funds.

How does property become Unclaimed Funds?

Ohio Revised Code Section~169 states that property becomes unclaimed when, over a period of years, the owner cannot be located by the holder of the Funds. The time frame varies depending on the property - but in most cases it is five years. The funds are then turned over to the State for safekeeping.

Write to:

State of Ohio

Department of Commerce - Website

Division of Unclaimed Funds

77 South High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43264-0545

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