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Tax Bill Description

  1. This area shows the Treasurer's name, address, office hours, phone number, tax period, due date, tax district and address to which the taxbill is mailed.

  2. This area shows the parcel number, legal owner, legal description, property address, appraised value, assessed value (which is 35% of the market value), tax rate, and effective tax rate (after reductions).

  3. This area shows the calculation of taxes: Gross real property taxes minus all your reductions, the net tax amount for the half year period, and any other amounts such as Special Assessments, Delinquent Taxes, Recoupment Amounts and/or Payments made. This area also shows how your tax dollars are distributed.

  4. This area is the part of your bill you return with your payment. If you would have an address change, this is the place to make your corrections.

Sample Tax Bill

Disclaimer: Records from the Office of the Treasurer are public information under the Ohio Public Records Law.