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ParcelOwnerAddressCertified Delinquent YearDelinquency OwedContractProperty Class
68-00711.000 RGH EXECUTIVE ARMS LTD1935 BROOKSIDE DR2006$146,365.98N401
45-01075.000 COBRA PIPELINE CO LTD 2013$128,197.77N880
30-01694.000 COBRA PIPELINE CO LTD 2013$35,461.43N880
27-01134.001 GIRDLESTONE JOSEPH10085 MCQUAID RD2008$31,679.84N511
53-01733.000 BOND JONNIE L1245 JENTES RD2013$31,546.62N511
64-00274.000 HAMLIN BARBARA EW 204 VINE ST2010$30,415.60N500
59-02340.000 REEVES DAVID W208 HALL ST2007$28,538.19N510
64-00062.000 ICARUS INVESTMENTS LLCE 407 SOUTH ST2007$27,953.05N510
22-01041.000 POFF JAMES D AKA JAMESN 10168 ELYRIA RD2010$27,424.16N511
33-00782.000 DUNN DAVID A & KIM C BUMGARDNER S/TS 148 MILTON ST2015$27,086.25N447
04-00527.000 SUTTLE MARK A16356 BACK MASSILLON RD2012$26,355.09N111
67-00464.000 ARORA RAMESH C1812 CLEVELAND RD2015$26,293.35N435
64-01041.000 WOODHAVEN PARTNERS LLCE 144 LIBERTY ST2010$24,980.17N420
53-01688.000 MILTON KEITH8375 FRIENDSVILLE RD2011$24,786.11N416
64-01845.000 IPS HOLDINGS LLC216 MULBERRY ST2009$21,266.48N560
63-02764.078 BOWES ROGER W133 MATTHEW DR2009$21,240.01N510
02-00079.000 HAUGHT DOROTHY ETAL16931 BACK MASSILLON RD2014$20,920.42N111
25-00840.000 RUBY OPAL HOLDINGS LLCS 9 WOOD ST2015$20,789.01N480
12-03087.000 SEIFERT JOHN K & GORDANA S/T16453 CHIBIABOS TRL2011$19,006.04N510
22-01359.000 HILL CLAUDE M & CATHRYN A S/T10850 FRANCHESTER RD2009$18,662.77N111
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